Metalphoto® means high resolution image reproduction on metal.  This includes graphics, pictures, and text imaged onto photosensitive anodized aluminum. The result is a sharp, durable image that is weather, UV, and abrasion resistant.  Anything that can be printed on paper can be made a lasting image on metal. Available in gold, copper, and silver.  Fabricated to accommodate any mounting or placement needed.  35+ year durability!  Contact Metal Photo Service, Inc.

  • Permanent Metal Imaging
    • Metalphoto® is defined as the most durable of aluminum identification plates by GPI, the National Association of Graphic and Product Identification Manufacturers, Inc.
    • Offering the highest graphic resolution capability of any metallic substrate
  • Identification and Informational Uses
    • Data Plates and Control Panels
    • ID and Nameplate Tags of all sorts
    • ATM plates and Rating Plates
    • Directional Arrows
    • Informational Plates
    • Equipment Instruction Panels
    • Warning Plates
    • Schematics and Prototypes
    • Measuring Devices and Scales
  • Bar Code Labels
    • Custom Bar Code Labels
    • Datamatrix
  • Stunning One of a Kind Projects
    • Awards and Plaques
    • Article and Photo Reproductions
    • Wedding and Event Memorials
    • Donor Recognitions

Service and Benefits

Delivery in days.  Our Customer Service and Fabrication teams are here to meet your needs.

  • Orders fulfilled quickly and economically
  • Metalphoto® is more environmentally friendly than acid etching
  • No fading, scratching, or delaminating
  • Eliminates the blurred images and fading of sublimation
  • Metalphoto® is more precise and versatile than engraving

Download our Durability Chart & Specs

And that’s just the beginning.  Our Color MetalLaser EngravingPlaques and AwardsGraphic Design,Commercial Printing, and Special Services (from prototyping assistance to donor recognition walls) set Metal Photo Service, Inc. apart. Contact Metal Photo Service for more information.