Single Car Test Booklet – SCTWAB5


The current effective date of the Association of American Railroads
Single Car Test procedure S-486 is June 1, 2013. This booklet has information
and tests that reflect the AAR S-486 document.
This booklet is specifically designed for use with our automated testers.
The booklet includes troubleshooting and diagrams of equipment that may be
worked on or tested by the average carman/car inspector. The section on Empty/Load Brake equipment covers testing and adjusting of equipment manufactured by Wabtec Corporation and other suppliers. The section on troubleshooting and error codes will help the operator diagnose problems with the car or the tester. The Job Aids/Reference section has notes and charts to help get the job done correctly. This includes pressure charts and the piston travel chart to help verify proper set up. The booklets at this time are only available in English. When ordering please specify the booklet you want is the Automated Single Car Test Booklet by using the correct code SCTWAB5.

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