Special Services

Flexibility and Creativity.  At Metal Photo Service, our expertise in printing, photo etching, and plaque creation give us the skills to meet any need:

  • Donor Recognition
  • Etch and Fill
  • Custom Solutions
  • Prototyping


Hospitals, churches, libraries, and universities all face the dilemma of providing meaningful donor recognition and benefactor signage.  This is recognition that must stand the test of time and project the dignity and artful design your donors and benefactors deserve.

Contact Metal Photo Service to learn more about Donor Walls and Benefactor Recognition Signage.


Whatever your need, from developing a donor recognition wall for your church to designing exterior building identification signage, Metal Photo Service can help.  Big or small, your project doesn’t need to be held hostage to off-the-shelf solutions.  At Metal Photo Service, Inc. our experienced customer service, design, and production personnel are skilled at evaluating the goals of your project and recommending exceptional solutions that are sure to exceed your expectations.


With 21st Century Metalphoto®, Laser Engraving, and Color Photos on Metal services available, why would Metal Photo Service recommend a traditional process like Etch and Fill?  (In etch and fill, the design is acid etched into the metal and then filled with pigment.)

At Metal Photo Service, our mission is to provide the appropriate technology for your project.

Though etch and fill is an older technology, some manufacturing specifications still call for its use.

Etch and fill is often less costly than Metalphoto® services, while being interchangeable for some applications.


Prototyping is just one example.  If your company is working to develop a new product in medical technology, electronics, robotics, military applications, process control, motor control, or consumer products – Metal Photo Service can help.

We offer quick turnaround on control panels, dials, scales, nameplates and graphic overlays and panels.  We can work with you in developing graphic designs that provides the highest level of utility in user interface.  Contact Metal Photo Service to learn more about our prototyping services.

Stainless Steel Wraps

Handcrafted With Original Artwork

catalog art - $75

Our catalog features drawings from local artist Bob Weaver.

custom art - $100

We use your photo and/or artwork.

catalog of stock designs from local artist Bob Weaver

A Wide Range of Services

Going Beyond Order Fulfillment, to Find Solutions

  • Donor and Benefactor Recognition
  • Custom Solutions
  • Etch and Fill
  • Assisting in Prototype Development

Out-of-the-box uses of the Metal Photo Service skill set

  • Developing Machinery Panels and Machinery Overlays for industry
  • Safety Signage
  • Building Identification Signage
  • Lobby and Benefactor Signage
  • Donor walls for churches, hospitals, and universities
  • Religious Installations


PHONE: 412-829-2992 | FAX: 412-829-9825

PHONE: 412-829-2992
FAX: 412-829-9825

EMAIL: printing@mtlphoto.com | 465 Wall Avenue, Wall, PA 15148 | Find us on Facebook 
Monday – Thursday 8am-5pm | Friday 8am-noon

EMAIL: printing@mtlphoto.com
465 Wall Avenue, Wall, PA 15148
Find us on Facebook 
Monday – Thursday 8am-5pm
Friday 8am-noon

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© Copyright 2020 |  All Rights Reserved
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